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Welcome to the All New IBYC.net
It is our joy to welcome you to IBYC.  This is the place where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord.

Our purpose is not necessarily evengelism though we always desire to see souls saved.  IBYC strives to build Christian youth of grit and grace.....of beauty, with the strength of genuine Christian character.  The young people come together to edify and encourage one another through an annual conference and through our online chat forum.  It is a time for them to get to know one another and realize that others in the Caribbean have the same goals and face similar problems.

Friendship and fellowship are essential to the future effectiveness and ministries of the Independent Baptist Churches in the Caribbean.

IBYC's key verses: "Seek that ye may exel to the edifying of the Church" (1Cor. 14:12b) says it all.  We strive for excellence that we may be of benefit to the Church.  IBYC is local-Church centered,  without apology.

The Lord Jesus Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it.  We should do the same.....serving one another in love.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could learn to love one another as Jesus loves us?  We can, if we are willing to let Him do it through us. The choice is yours.

Life Story?

Do you have a life story or testimonial that youwould like to share?  Please send it to us.  Submit your story along with a photo to info@ibyc.net and we will post it on this website. 


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  • Meet our IBYC Core Committe and Support Team

    All ibyc’ers: Come back HOME to IBYC conferences  We miss you!!! Our IBYC INNER CIRCLE-Meet our IBYC Core Committe   Jesse and Joyce James-Youth Directors/Conference Coordinators These wonderful leaders have been the corner stone of IBYC. They are consistent, devoted, dedica

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JULY 20-27 2014
IBYC Youth Conference
Registration $55.00 USD   Begins Monday 21nd  9:AM  

IBYC Conference Youth Competition 2014

  • Medals and trophies will be awarded in the following categories
  • 1.   Spelling
  • 2.   Sword Drill
  • 3.   Top of the Teen(Bible Quiz) Col, Chap.3 and 1Peter Chap.2
  • 4.   Music- Solo-Duet-Trio-Quartet-Small Group-Choir and Individual Musical Instrument.
  •       (please bring your type of instrument, if possible)
  • 5.   Sports Competition-Dodge Ball-it will be a dorm competition.
  • 6.   Field Trip  30.00 USD/ 75.00 EC
  • 7.   Guests to our Banquet 25.00 USD/60.00 EC
  • 8.   Remember to walk with your air bed.

Think Tank 

A Look at Marriage, Divorce and Abortion

The institution of marriage as a useful social factor is being challenged in our times. It is possible that there never has been a time in history when so many people entertained the thought that marriage is obsolete. There are a number of contributing factors to this growing concept that marriage is losing its useful¬ness. <read more>

Christian Books Best Sellers 

Best seller's list. Books can be found online. Click on the image below, or click here for a complete listing.


IBYC conference 

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